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Like Goku's genkidama, Spirit Bomb gathers their power from all the great anime music in existence to coalesce into an explosive live performance. 

SPIRIT BOMB is an anime music experience making waves across the USA! Japanese American vocalist Elaina SEKINO, guitarist AKIO , bassist ONI, and drummer DAYMO join forces to create an unforgettable live concert experience for anime enthusiasts worldwide.

Since 2022, SPIRIT BOMB has appeared at many conventions across the USA, collaborating with LIVE NATION to host their own “ANIME MUSIC EXPERIENCE” concerts in major city markets. In 2023, SPIRIT BOMB opened for the breakthrough Japanese female rock band HANABIE’s first US tour and debuted the original song “Asai Yume,” available for streaming worldwide.

Through their dynamic performances, SPIRIT BOMB immerses audiences in the essence of beloved anime songs. Get ready to dance and sing along to your favorite hits fueled by stunning visuals and easy-to-follow romaji lyrics.

Join SPIRIT BOMB on this epic journey as they celebrate the magic of Anime through the power of music.